Sacha Showman


Al Jarreau, Jazz, Pop & R&B, all at the same (...)
Dionne & Sacha, friends in life as well as on (...)
Georges (Brassens) singing for the very first time to (...)
Allo, demain sur scène with Sacha…(Antonio Carlos Jobim, (...)
Its magical don’t you think Sachinka ?
The Noise Makers from the Lycée Claude Bernard. Sacha, (...)
Léonine (papa) in front of ’la Puce Lumineuse’ lighting (...)
Sacha, still at London where he tops the bill at the (...)
One of the first appearances of an impressive series at (...)
Olympia, the Sacha’s warm up
Sacha top of the bill at the Talk Of The Town in (...)
The son of a Russian immigrant & Queen of England, (...)
Those of you in front of me and who I can only (...)
Sacha on stage in the musical ’Chicago’ in 2001
Tina Turner, The Living legend
Tito Puente, Dizzy Gillespie & Sacha : A great (...)
The poster plastered all over London for the musical (...)
It’s on stage and only on stage that the thrill is born. (...)


One of many letters between Sacha & Maurice Chevalier
126 kb - application/pdf
Contract for the Casino Musical Algiers. 23 November 1958
369.8 kb - application/pdf
Sacha, invited by the Queen to appear at the "Royal Variety Performance"
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