Michael S. from the USA : "...who is that amazing singer..."

Tell us about your first memory of Sacha:
My very first introduction was at a Morrissey Concert in the USA and I thought, wow, who is that amazing singer. Since then, I have not looked back and Sacha is played in my home often and everyone, even the rockers, are googoo over his voice and music.

Have you met him?
I have not met Sacha but I would be proud to meet such a talented man.

Which is your favourite of Sacha’s songs?
My favorite is "Song Sung Blue", I love the way he works it.

Which is your favourite side of Sacha’s personality?
I have two but remember, I am new to Sacha. I love the Jazzman and the Showman. The best!

If you had to describe Sacha… What words would you use?
He is up and coming for sure :)

Michael S.
Boston (USA)