Jackie C. from the United Kingdom: "...He is still the most famous Frenchman ..."

Tell us about your first memory of Sacha:
My mum was first a fan before we moved to France but once we started seeing him on French TV I started to become besotted with him. I was only 13 years old.

Have you met him?
I started by hanging around at the theatre stage doors and met him several times. He was always friendly and stayed and chatted a little as well as signing autographs but to my greatest joy, my husband managed to get me on a TV program called "What ever you want" which I won.
I spent a fantastic evening with him at the Savoy Grill Room. I will never forget how chatty and friendly he was.
He then remembered to send me some CD’s I had not already found and also replied to a couple of my emails when I wished him a happy 70th.
He never forgot me which was lovely. These are fond memories.

Which is your favourite of Sacha’s songs?
"Le voyage à Venise". I liked more his romantic songs and this was such a sad love story.

Which is your favourite side of Sacha’s personality?
I loved his singing but I also loved the way he played his guitar. To me he was just gorgeous whatever he did and I miss him terribly.

If you had to describe Sacha… What words would you use?
He was a true gentleman. He also had charm. He is still the most famous Frenchman and his name is often used when describing a romantic and amazingly good looking Frenchman and those eyes.............!!

Jackie C.
Market Harborough (United Kingdom)