Ignazio S. from Italy : "...Sacha... all of his songs for me are equivalent..."

Tell us about your first memory of Sacha:
Unfortunately I haven’t had the honor to meet him. I am Italian, and from us about this artist, began performing in 1964 and at that time I was only 11 years old.
In spite of everything, I was accustomed to listening to music at home and I missed some of his first songs, at least those published in our country, such as "Non so più che santo pregare", "Quando sento le chitarre", "Signor cannibale" and many others.

Which is your favourite of Sacha’s songs?
His joking manner, but also engaged in the interpretation of his songs, make it so interesting, because it stands out is the lyrics, the music. So I think all of his songs for me are equivalent.

Which is your favourite side of Sacha’s personality?
He is so full, it seems born with all these features.

If you had to describe Sacha… What words would you use?
The elegance. Wonderful!

Ignazio S.
Cagliari (Italie)