Thank you from the bottom of my heart:

-  To Camille, Maxime, Laurent, Olivier and Gilles of CARBURANT for their good sense of humour, their youth, their competence and above all their talent for the design and production of this beautiful website.
-  To Eric Jean Jean (Georges, to his friends) for writing these texts that appeal across the generations.
-  To Vincent and all the team at VS MUSIC without who this website wouldn’t exist.
-  To Danièle, Catherine and all the team at ABACABA, without them I would never have decided to take over the management of the artistic inheritance left by Sacha.
-  To Annie from AMC for her kind loyalty.
-  To all the photographers and directors, known or unknown whose photos and pictures have stood the test of time. With a special thought for Georges Dambier and Georges Folgoas.
-  To Maritie my much missed godmother and to Gilbert for the acclaimed Sacha Show.
-  To Isabelle for her extraordinary work carried out on Sacha’s discography.
-  To Anne, Dominique, Jean-Paul, Julia, Maryvonne, Patrick, Valérie and Wolf for their friendship and invaluable help in the classification and organisation of Sacha’s archives.
-  To Claude "Sacha’s brother" for helping me to put names to certain faces.
-  To Francine, Julien and Ludmilla for their confidence and affection.
-  To Adeline and Alexandre for having put up with me all through the process of designing this website, but especially for their love.
-  And of course to Sacha, who I hope from the depths of my heart, where he will always remain, I hope he will feel that this website is a fitting tribute.